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Every catered event involves difficult choices – and the first one is choosing the right caterer.

Nashville Catering Event

Here is some information to help in your deliberations.

We are different from other caterers in Nashville. Very different. We’re not boasting – we’re simply repeating what many of our satisfied customers tell us. We’ll gladly provide names and phone numbers so you can talk to these people for yourself.

Our approach is simple: no two special events are the same, so we do more than just prepare your food – we become your event partner.


We learn your objectives and priorities, then we carefully develop a menu that’s customized, imaginative, and exactly right to give your event its unique personality.


Yes, every caterer promises great results, but we have a proven track record of delivering on our promises – including as a trusted “preferred catering vendor” for many local companies, hotels, and event venues.


Now we’d like to deliver good food, great memories, and complete peace of mind for you.  

We can personalize a menu that enhances your special

event, regardless of size – including but not limited to:

Weddings, rehearsal dinners, bachelor & bachelorette parties

Family milestones like reunions, anniversaries & celebrations of life

Company meetings, retirements & holiday parties

Conventions, in-home entertaining, sports events & tailgating

Mitzvahs (Kosher food certified)

Backstage at concerts, recording sessions, movie filming & music video shoots

Being chosen for your next dining experience is important to us. Even more important is gaining your long-term confidence and friendship. Visit after visit after visit.

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Schedule a tasting & get an estimate today!

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